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De Maan

We hebben het altijd over de geologie van de aarde. Maar nu even een buitenaards uitstapje naar een voor ons belangrijk hemellichaam, de maan. De maan is onze dichtstbijzijnde buur in het zonnestelsel en staat 'slechts' 384.400 kilometer bij ons vandaan. Die afstand groeit ieder jaar met zo'n 4 centimeter, de maan komt dus steeds… Lees verder De Maan

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The Cailleach, Goddess of Winter

Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit verhaal klik hier. Midwinter, winter solstice. This time last year I wrote to you about the history of Yule and the pagan roots of what we now call Christmas. But winter is not just Yule. It is also the time of the Cailleach, the Celtic goddess of winter. The… Lees verder The Cailleach, Goddess of Winter

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The Crystal Ball

Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit verhaal, klik hier. It’s one of the most stereotypical pictures of witches and fortune tellers, the woman gazing into the crystal ball. The crystal ball has been known for centuries as an object to predict the future. Where does this believe come from? Last year I wrote a blog… Lees verder The Crystal Ball

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De Nederlandse vertaling van dit artikel vind je hier In England, midsummer or summer solstice is synonymous with Stonehenge and the midsummer celebration there with thousands of people gathering at the famous stone circle every year. In the early morning of June the 21st, they gather to see the sun rise over the so-called 'Heel… Lees verder Midsummer

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Happy Birthday Mary!

Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit verhaal klik hier ‘The carpenter's daughter has won a name for herself , and has deserved to win it. ’ - Charles Dickens, 1865 On the 21st of May 1799 Mary Anning was born. Who? Mary Anning ... Most people won't know her name. But people who collect fossils… Lees verder Happy Birthday Mary!

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Nederlandse versie van dit artikel door hier te klikken On the first of May Beltane was celebrated in pre-Christian Britain. The name Beltane is Gaelic. The oldest written sources date from the 9th and 10th century from an Irish writing that talks about Beltine, the fire (tine in Gaelic) of Bel. It is Samhain's counterpart, the… Lees verder Beltane

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St George’s Day, about dragons and dinosaurs. How mythology became paleontology.

Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit verhaal klik hier. April 23rd is St George’s Day in England. The feast day (and in this case also the day of death) of Saint Saint George. The English are more English this day than you can imagine. Everywhere the English flag with the St George’s Cross can be… Lees verder St George’s Day, about dragons and dinosaurs. How mythology became paleontology.